March 23 Conditions

We're getting more questions about upper mountain conditions, however there is very little to report. As it stands now, only one person has summited Rainier since mid-December. Because of this, we have no new reports for the mountain.

A team of 5 made it to Ingraham Flats 2 weeks ago. They were caught in a storm and had to abandon their tents and some gear there. They ended up digging a snowcave and taking shelter for about 6 hours, before retreating to Camp Muir.

A couple of other teams have attempted Gib Ledges, but had no luck summiting either. The snow was just too deep.

Most teams are reporting excellent access to the buildings at Camp Muir.

The Muir Snowfield, as of March 23 it was 100% snow/ice covered. There has been some fresh snow over past few days, but nothing too substantial.