April 11th 2006 - Liberty Ridge

A few teams have taken a stab at Liberty Ridge over the past few weeks. One of them successfully ascended it.

Both teams skipped the lower ridge and climbed directly to Thumb Rock, see image. The direct line offers some benefits, in that it seems to be more direct and therefore a bit faster. A downside, however, is that it also requires an ascent into the basin below Liberty Wall... And as you ascend, you're also hanging out below Thumb Rock which does dump rock from time to time. Depending on temps, this variation could be a likely area for rockfall. On the other hand, lower Liberty Ridge is notorious for rock fall injuries too... So...

A few tips for climbing Liberty Ridge:

  • move quickly, be in the best possible shape, so that you can move expeditiously through hazardous areas
  • wear helmets
  • this will sound contradictory, but it's wise to plan for an extra day. many teams need the extra time as the route turns out to be more demanding than anticipated.

As it stands, we still have NO reports for other routes. As soon as we do, we'll post. Photo by Pandora