Sunset Amphitheater Couloir - Archive

Sunset Amphitheater Couloir - June 1st

It was climbed in early May by two accomplished climber/skiiers. We've no new reports, however while flying on May 30th, I was able to shoot a few images.

In early May, access to the amphitheater was very straight forward. Sky Sjue and Hannah Carrigan climbed Tahoma Creek Trail to Emerald Ridge. From there, they hopped on the Tahoma Glacier and ascended to 11,300 feet (above St. Andrews Rock.) The pair moved north into the amphitheater to take on the couloir.

As it turned out, the couloir was stiffer than expected. Sky reported a, "spicy 30m pitch near the top, beautiful alpine ice kinda thin over rocks. It was easy fun climbing, but interesting because it was too shallow for pickets and too rotten for screws." I.e. don't fall.

After completing the route to Liberty Cap, the two by-passed Columbia Crest and skiied "The Sickle" down the Tahoma Glacier. 25 hours car to car... Wow! Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Photos by Mike Gauthier