Willis Wall

Willis Wall Climbing Report - June 29 to July1

First and foremost... We don't recommend this route... Unless you REALLY know what you're doing on Rainier AND are in EXCELLENT shape. Last week, NW climber Loren of Cascadeclimber.com had this to say.

"We're back- there was no serac with my name on it yesterday. I guess I'd say we climbed lower Curtis Ridge and upper Willis Wall... the route isn't entirely a death trap, but it certainly is dangerous and I'm going to be conservative about how I describe the 'safe' spots so as to avoid encouraging people to get in over their heads.

We belayed three pitches, the worst of which was down low in the dark on what Jens described as 'the worst rock I've ever climbed'. I'd agree. Thankfully the pitch was short.

We bivied at about 10,200 on Curtis, made a descending traverse onto Willis, and exited a few feet below the Traverse of Angels onto the top of the central ice cliff. I have quite a few pics and some video...?