Sunset Ridge - 2007

Sunset Ridge - July 27th, 2007

The lower portions of this route have melted out and become a mix of scree and waterfalls. The middle third of the route is still snow , but the chute has become a huge bowling alley and will continue to be that way until freezing temperatures return to the mountain. The upper third of the route is also mostly rock. This rocky upper section could be avoided by traversing climbers left to the upper Mowich.
I received this report from our famed Rainier ski buddy, Sky Sjue. Brief on beta, strong on accomplishment.

Hi Mike,

It went well. We did a big push from Westside Road and made it to the top of Sunset Ridge where one would traverse onto the upper Mowich Face, circa 12,700 or something like that. But time was short and we were all tired, so we skied from there. Sunset Ridge is an awesome ski, especially for its sustained fall-line slopes from the base of the ridge at 8,400 all the way to the ridge at 12,400 or wherever the top of that steep spot is. I hope to return soon and do the thing from Liberty Cap just to have done it "properly."

We have some 2006 archieved information here.