South Tahoma Headwall - 2007

South Tahoma Headwall Route Conditions - June 26th
By, Sky Sjue,

Just shooting you a quick note about South Tahoma Headwall. I saw a big chopper. Were you in there? (No I wasn't, more training)

We got a later start than I wanted. Approach to Success Cleaver is fairly easy with skis by traversing the mountain at 8,300 ft after crossing the Nisqually above Paradise. The South Tahoma Glacier looks like it will become quite the maze, but it's not too bad right now. I wasn't able to spot the high approach off Success Cleaver - wherever it is, it wasn't all snow. We bypassed the bergschrund on the far left, then continued up and right of the main gully.

We called it a day and skied from 11 k. The approach and bypassing the bergschrund took longer than I'd hoped, so we were hard-pressed for time. The route is certainly doable, but conditions could be much better. On the headwall we had unpredictable icy penitentes covered by a blanket of fresh. We also saw lots of rockfall.

Aerial image by Stoney Richards