Gibraltar Ledges/Chute 2010

Gibraltar Ledges/Chute 2010 - July 22nd

The ledges have melted out significantly since the 6th of July. Now, instead of walking all on snow, there are talus patches climbers must traverse to gain the upper section of Gibraltar Chute. The rocky/gritty surface of the snow on the ledges and in the chute are a sign of increased rockfall hazard. Access to the ledges via the Cowlitz is still fairly direct and smooth, and the route above Gib Rock on the upper mountain is still in great shape - a nice direct path to the crater rim.

July 6th

Rangers climbed the ledges and found great conditions on both the ledges and chute. The upper elevation snow seems to be sticking around longer than most years.

A couple of crevasses are opening up on the approach to the ledges. When ascending the Cowlitz Glacier, watch out for these cracks. Above the ledges the route is still very straight forward, offering fast and direct summits.

The chute has multiple crevasses opening up at the bottom. It's prudent to rope up for this section of the route. Also, stay climbers right and move quickly to avoid ice/rock fall down the chute.

June 24th

With no parties reporting successful summits via the Gibraltar Ledges there has been no official update. There has been a boot track climbing up from Camp Muir to the ledges, on the Cowlitz, over the past couple of weeks though. The ledges still have snow and are definitely climbable, and appear to be "in good conditions" for at least a couple of more weeks.

Be sure to assess snow stability before entering terrain where any kind of slide could have catastrophic consequences.

April 10th

Reports have been positive with regard to Gib Ledges this year. There have been a handful of successful parties summiting within the last couple of weeks. With all of the new snow accumulation use caution when exiting the ledges into the chute. The top part of the chute can be unstable.

With the wintry conditions, this route is probably the most direct way to the summit. Advanced skiers have even skied the chute after climbing the ledges. Another option is to ski to the top of the chute, downclimb the ledges, and then ski the upper Cowlitz back to Camp Muir.

The same registering logistics apply to Gib Ledges/Chute as for the Disappointment Cleaver. Use the link to the right to check them out.