Mowich Face 2010

Mowich Face July 24, 2010

Rangers had a stellar climb of the Central Mowich last week, and dspite some high winds were able to easily summit the route.

From Mowich Lake the approach should be pretty fast right now. Ascend through Spray Park up lower Ptarmigan Ridge before dropping down onto the North Mowich Glacier and traversing to some excellent bivy spots in the 9200' area below the face. From here the climbing starts.

The route now is pretty self explanatory for the first bit. Climb the obvious central line through ever steepening terrain, taking a moment every now and then to marvel at the awesome wilderness surrounding you! When you reach the 12500' area it's time to make a decision. Either climb right around the rock on the obvious snow ramp, possibly encountering some ice...or climb right and work your way through the system of rock bands and snow ramps until terrain starts to mellow below Liberty Cap. Both ways go. Descend the Tahoma or Emmons.