April 15 (make the date bold, no year needed. this should be the only formatting change you need to make)

stoke picture that shows conditions
This is the first paragraph in your update. This space should be used for general information on the route.This is a great spot to say how awesome the climbing is, how many people have been successful and other things of that nature. It is also a great spot to say whether the route has been getting stormed on, sun, ice, etc. If there is something out of the ordinary going on mention it here in the first paragraph. This could be anything from large avalanches, rockfalls, bears on route, etc. Details can be in following paragraphs. Photos are important. Try and get good quality photos that show conditions on route. Route overview pictures are great as are photos of specific cruxes. Please make sure photos are proper size (usually medium) and arranged neatly in the paragraph. Photos blow up when you click on them so their is no need for huge photos  in your post. Photos can be tricky to arrange so play around with it or ask for help.

Notice how picture is neatly arranged and proper size
This is the second paragraph of your update. Notice there is a one line space in between this paragraph and the first one. Also notice there is no indention. It is nice to start with approach issues, hows the road? where is the snow line? are there bridges out? is there bear activity at lower camps? The Muir snowfield and Inter glacier each have their own devoted pages, so on Muir and Schurman routes you don't need to spend a lot of time updating the approach, but anything significant should be mentioned. If you have a lot to say about the approach make it a paragraph, if not just continue on. This is also a good spot to talk about high camp/bivy sites and issues for the route.

possible route crux
Since the approach description was a bit lengthy I made a new paragraph for the route conditions.This is where you will write about the actual climbing conditions on the upper mountain. You should mention surface conditions, cruxes, variations, watch outs, possible changes to look for in the upcoming week. If protection or two tools are needed talk about it here. When you are writing these updates strive to write in the third person. Avoid the words "I", "We" and "You". Instead talk about the route as if it were it's own thing. Instead of saying "I climbed the DC this morning and know that you will find great conditions and cruiser travel above the cleaver" say "Conditions on the DC have been great recently and climbers should find very straightforward conditions above the cleaver." Avoid "we climbed left around the bergschrund on steeper ice" instead say "At the bergschrund the route goes to the left onto a pitch of steep ice" If you have to talk about yourself use "rangers". If there are missspled words they will be underlnied in redd. If you see anything underlined in red please correct it. If the route description is getting too long for one paragraph make two.

The last paragraph is a great way to give a short wrap up of everything you just said, or to reiterate points we are trying to get across. Things like please remember blue bags or don't forget to check out are nice to say here. Also things like happy climbing, get it before it melts or any other bro bra stuff you want to write.

When you are finished hit "publish" in the right upper corner and then actually look at the blog post and make sure it isn't weird. If it is weird fix it.