Ingraham Direct 2013

May 29
No climbers have been up on the ID for a long bit, but with all the new snow in Late May, some of the crevasses might have filled in making for a much more direct route than the DC.

May 14

The ID is still climbable, but it becoming very broken so most climbers are choosing the DC over the ID these days. If you are in for a route-finding adventure though, the ID could be it.

April 29

Thanks to Jeff Shomaker for the following report and photo.

My climbing partner and I skied from 13,000 ft on the Ingraham direct route [recently]. The route is in climbable shape but definitely not direct this year. A spicy exit through the crevasse and serac zone took time to get through but is manageable. We turned around due to increasing stability issues attributed to warming at 9:30.  Three other parties [were seen] continuing [toward] the summit.

We have heard from other climbers there are some pretty broken areas on the ID at the moment. That being said it is still navigable and could lead to some interesting features to navigate through and around.