Fuhrer Finger 2013

June 12

A recient photo of the Finger and Thumb shows that there is still decent snow coverage but they are starting to fill with debris. The Thumb is also guarded by a good sized schrund at its base.

Also, check out the avalanche that swept through the Finger! Reportedly this was triggered at the top of the chute via ski cut buy a group last week. A good reminder that its still just spring at Mt. Rainier and always take the necessary precautions that your snow conditions indicate.


June 10

Don't have any first-hand knowledge of the Finger, but conditions on the mountain have been great for climbing and a lot of people registered to climb and ski this route last weekend. Judging from the ski tracks coming down the Wilson I imagine many of them had a really successful trip!

April 30

Thanks to the guys from Next Adventure who sent us their report an photos from a recent climb and ski of the Finger. 

We started at the Paradise parking lot at 3 pm and made our way across the scorching hot Nisqually glacier. We made our way slowly to our bivy at 8,500 ft. We had an awesome campsite, with a great view of the Kautz ice cliff and the Wilson glacier. We left our bivy at 4 am and headed up. The snow was not quite consolidated enough for easy climbing, many energy consuming postholes took up lots of time.

We had a tiring but very succesfull climb and ski of the fuhrer finger, making it within 200' of the summit before strong winds forced a stop. Snow conditions improved for climbing halfway through the coulior. On the way down we had smooth wind-buff from 14,000-12,500. Followed by a couple thousand vert of nice corn snow, then overly saturated wet slide type snow below that. Once we made it in the coulior proper, the snow softened to a nice corn consistency. We made many awesome, steep exposed turns above rocks and cliffs all the way down to the Wilson glacier.

Notice the classic changing conditions these guys ran into. In a 10,000' ski descent conditions will change considerably. Be prepared and make good plans for these sometimes rapid changes.