Little Tahoma 2014

July 10

A ranger patrol got out on Little T recently and found conditions to be excellent. Little T is a great climb and one that is often overlooked by many climbers who visit this park. This climb takes you through beautiful subalpine meadows, across two glaciers, and eventually a rock scramble to the summit.

Little T is best accessed this time of year from the Fryingpan creek trailhead. A well groomed trail takes you 4.5 miles to Summerland. From there stay on the wonderland a short distance before heading up toward Meany Crest via a variety of routes. Once on top of Meany Crest there are a some great bivy sites, or you could continue on toward the Whitman crest and find some flat areas to camp. 

Travel across the Fryingpan Glacier is very straightforward right now, with very few open crevasses. A short rock scramble on the Whitman Crest takes you over to the Whitman Glacier. Once on the Whitman you start to gain some elevation. Climb steepening glacier toward the rocky summit. Once on rock a variety of routes takes you up to the summit. There is some decently solid rock amid all the rubble in this section, and travel is greatly enhanced by trying to stick to the more solid stuff. Be aware of other climbers in this section and travel smart to avoid rockfall hazards. Descend the route you climbed.