Fuhrer Finger 2016

July 1st

The Finger has melted out near the hour-glass feature right above the Wilson Glacier.  With this rock step and added rock fall from the melting Wilson Headwall, climbers and skiers have been avoiding this route until next the next season.

June 11th

A few photos of the Fuhrer Finger and Wilson headwall from before the latest storm cycle.  The mountain has received up to 8 inches of snow at 11,000ft which could have reset the route for the next few days. This snow came in with significant winds which has elevated the avalanche danger. Notice the extent to which the finger had melted out, and the dirty debris coming off the Wilson headwall.

May 10th,

See the trip report below for good details on this route.  It's still in great shape!  Here's a current photo.  See you on the mountain!

Sunday, May 1st

Whether you're planning on skiing it or climbing it, the Finger is in good condition and is bound to provide a high quality experience.  There are a few cracks poking through in the Nisqually, so keep an eye out, especially with the warm weather we've been having on the lower mountain.  Fairly benign travel from the Wilson Gully up to the Castle.  Watch for rockfall both crossing the Wilson and climbing the Finger as well as coming back.  There is a shrund which limits travel directly up from the finger and forces climbers out (climbers right) towards the Nisqually.  The upper-most bridge directly below the rocks appears the most stable and the most in-tact.  Steep climbing from this point to the Wapowety cleaver, then a bridge crossing and glacier travel up the Nisqually to the summit.

Again watch for rockfall in this zone.  Whether or not parties are above you are not, keep your eyes uphill and on the lookout for falling objects.

Bridge spanning the Wapowety Cleaver and the Nisqually

Head wall above the Nisqually after dropping off the cleaver

View looking down from the top of the Finger (Skier's Left)

View looking down from the top of the Finger (Skier's Right) 
Base of the Finger looking down towards the Wilson.  Note the
Cornice fall which triggered a substantial slab release.  The
dirty debris is from a release from the Wilson Head Wall

Looking down from the Wilson Bench towards
the Nisqually crossing and Paradise

Wednesday, April 20th

Current route photos. More to come soon.

For 2015 route conditions and information follow this link:   Fuhrer Finger 2015

Upper Nisqually and Finger

Upper Finger