Route Information

To view route-specific information please use the links to the right.  The routes are grouped by geographic location on the mountain; Disappointment Cleaver is under the Southside Routes, Emmons/Winthrop is under North and Eastside Routes, etc.

This blog is seasonally maintained (Memorial Day - Labor Day) by the climbing rangers. Our goal is to provide you with up to date route conditions reports, pertinent information regarding registration, road construction and other happenings within Mount Rainier National Park to facilitate your trip planning.  During the main climbing season we try to update conditions on the standard routes weekly, but there can be large gaps in our reports when things get busy up here.  Feel free to call us at the Climbing Information Center for specific route questions.

Route condition archives from the Mount Rainier Climbing Blog are available at the bottom of the links, going back to 2006.

How to Contribute:

We welcome contributions about conditions in the alpine regions of Mount Rainier. If you've been out climbing or skiing on the mountain and want to share, send us an e-mail at:  

We’re looking for: 
  • Condition reports: Information on, snow/ice surface, crevasse/bergschrunds, route finding beta, protection and gear thoughts, convenient running water locations and elevations, signs of other climbers on the route, along with anything else you feel is noteworthy. Information on the approach and where your team made camps is always welcome. Although we do enjoy hearing stories of awesome climbs, we don't need full trip reports that include what you ate for breakfast and so forth.
  • Photos: Photos are greatly appreciated and highly encouraged. Just email them along and make sure they are a reasonable file size - you'd be surprised how slow the internet is up here.  
Notice:  Your first name will be put on your contribution as a default unless you tell us to do otherwise. We will also most likely abbreviate your report.

Thanks for taking time to write!

The Climbing Rangers