Camp Muir

Camp Muir is situated at the top of the Muir Snowfield at just over 10,000'. Camp Muir is the most popular high camp for climbers. It is the preferred high camp for the Disappointment Cleaver Route, Ingraham Direct Route, and Gibraltar Ledges Route. There are several permanent buildings at Camp Muir including a public shelter, NPS ranger quarters, guide service buildings, and outhouses. There is also plenty of tent space around Camp Muir, most commonly on the Cowlitz Glacier. Tent camping on the exposed rocks is not allowed. A permit is required for all overnight stays at Camp Muir, even if you're not climbing.

Camp Muir is also a very popular day hiking destination. No technical climbing or glacier travel is involved in getting to Camp Muir, but the hike is long and strenuous, traveling mostly over snow. The Muir Snowfield is also a notoriously hard place to navigate in whiteout conditions, which happen fairly often. Refer to the Muir Snowfield condition page for further information.  Trekking poles and some kind of snow traction (like crampons or shoe chains) can be necessary in some snow conditions.

Camp Muir can accommodate just over 100 people per night. The public shelter holds 15 - 20 people comfortably and is filled on a first come first serve basis. We encourage all people to bring a tent even if they hope to stay in the shelter. Strong winds can happen anytime so be sure to properly anchor your tent or you may return from your climb to find it disappeared.

There is no running water at Camp Muir. Bring a stove to melt snow. 

Camp Muir has outhouses for use. Bring your own toilet paper.  Please be kind and don't throw garbage in our outhouses. There are also special barrels where you can drop off your blue bags - look for flip lids on barrels around camp labeled "Human Waste" to deposit them. Don't put blue bags in the toilets!  Only one toilet with a half-door is open during the winter months.  Please keep the half-doors closed and latched after you use it.

There is no trash service at Camp Muir. Everyone needs to pack out everything they brought up.

There is an emergency radio located in the Public Shelter that will contact the emergency dispatch center. This radio is for real emergencies only if no rangers are present at Camp Muir.

Camp Muir and the Cowlitz Glacier