Mount Rainier Climbing Route Information

Click on links to the right for conditions on specific routes. These condition reports are updated by climbing rangers as often as we are able and as we get information. We welcome contributions, especially any info from routes that are more remote.

We try hard to keep this site updated regularly but there will be times where routes change faster than we can keep up with. This is especially true for the more remote routes we don't get to often. Conditions can change rapidly on Rainier (for worse and for good) so climbers should always make their actual decisions based on observations made during their approach and climb.

The reports here are meant to provide climbers with current conditions on climbing routes and are not intended to be used as a climbing route guide. For more detailed information on climbing routes on Mt. Rainier check out a book such as Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide, or Cascade Alpine Guide Volume One, along with a number of other alpine guidebooks to the Cascade range. The route descriptions and general area information provided by a good guide book can be very valuable.