Camp Schurman

Camp Schurman is the second most popular climbing camp on Mount Rainier, and is used by climbers attempting the Emmons / Winthrop and Russell Cliffs routes primarily. Camp Schurman is located at 9,400' where the Emmons and Winthrop glaciers split around Steamboat Prow. Camp Schurman has a ranger hut and one outhouse.

Camp Schurman can accommodate around 50 people per night. Permits are required for all overnight stays.

The approach to Camp Schurman begins at the White River Campground. The trail then goes through Glacier Basin, and up the Inter Glacier toward the top of Steamboat Prow.

The outhouse is of the solar dehydrating variety. Bring your own toilet paper.  Please be kind and don't throw garbage in our outhouses. There are barrels to deposit blue bags at Camp Schurman.  The bathroom is sealed up during the winter season (October through May) so plan to use blue bags during the off-season at camp.

There is no trash service at Camp Schurman. Please pack out everything you brought up.

There is no reliable running water at Schurman. Bring a stove to melt snow. 

There is an emergency radio on the outside of the Camp Schurman Ranger Hut that contacts the dispatch center. Use this radio only in emergencies if no ranger is present.

View from Camp Schurman over Curtis Ridge